Sunday, June 5, 2016


Dropbox is an excellent virtual drive to save your homework, also you can use it like a hosting of your web page through: DropPages, and, to create simple text without distractions through: WriteBox.  Automate your Dropbox, for example every time you put a photo in your folder, it gets uploaded to Facebook using Iftt,  save interesting stuffs you find on the web (images, texts, videos) using  Gimme Bar, also you can receive Big Files from anyone into your Dropbox through: Dropittome

If you like to create an free account, please click here.

Saturday, June 4, 2016


If you like to improve your English Level listening and singing a few songs, you can check their lyrics in my blog.
There is scientific evidence that corroborates that music helps in learning, as with the Mozart effect. Usually songs have expressions that are commonly used in the English language  colloquially. You can pay attention on vocabulary, grammar, spelling and sounds of the words.Repetition helps internalize words, phrases and sounds. Music is about feelings and emotions helping to learn easier. Listening music does not require much time or additional elements, also it allows to know the culture of English-speaking countries